This is for Mccaff mama hen,( pics of my fence)


10 Years
May 7, 2009
Hi Melissa
I tried to make a second page with lots of pictures and text of the fence but its not working out for me. I don't know?? Maybe I am to tired? I am considered good on a computer and I am able to do most anything with a camera and with the photos, but I am used to Mozilla and used to using my photos a bit differently. But I reloaded explorer and got the second page "done" but nothing was there after I clicked publish. No text no photos. Oh well I dont have the ambition to do it again so I will load a few pictures here and hope you find and see them. Any other questions just email me again. I will also email you some info.




Here are a few more pictures Melissa.





it was starting to get dark out side so pictures are a bit blury,, I didn't use my tripod, hope they are ok for you.

That is a very pretty and well made fence. LOVE the watch dogs.

I would make sure you always lock the birds up in preditor proof coop before dark since the preditors could easily pull one of your chickens through the fence or easily dig under.

To be really safe, you could attach hardware cloth to the bottom 2' or so and then apron out.
Thanks for the tip Sweet Cheeks, The coop is very sturdy and predator proof. They have been in the yard free ranging for a few years with no problem, but my husband wanted a more confined area for them due to poo every where and them wandering down to the lake. Neighbors are very very close, no sense upsetting any one. My bulldog goes outside at will, the dogs have a dog door, and yard lights come on all over the yard, so though Iz has had to only bark at people I'm sure he would not take to having weird animals in our yard. We also have a cat that can use the dog door too. People let chickens free range all the time and have for many eons.
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