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    we recently got a small set of chickens. A rooster and 4 hens, not sure the age. Dont even know for sure what they are. we are just getting to know them and they are skittish still. We've been trying to go and sit in their room, talk to them and get them used to us. Toda I was sitting on a large stainless steel pan, upside down that we had taken water out to them in. Got up and left the room and didtn think much of it. Next thing I know I hear a beak pecking at the pan. Here the roo was doing his mad dance, fluffing all up ducking and weaving and pecking at his own reflection in the pan. Hilarious. I think they are mostly Americaunas, the old man has these thick gray 'eyebrows', bigmama, she looks almost hawklike but is all a pretty buff color and actually looks bigger than him. Sometimes the old man will go up to her and cock his head for her to peck at his neck. I think we will have to dust them for something. Then there is cinderella, a small white version of big mama. And the stepsisters, they are mean to cinderella. They are both black, the same size but they may be another breed. Cinderella gets tag pecked by one then the other so she runs behind either the old man or big mama or between them. Then the step sisters will leave her alone for awhile. Other than that little dance, they are pretty much calm and have their positions in place within the family. Their wings had been clipped by the previous owner so they cant hardly get to the roosts unless they jump a straw bale first. Havent been with a roost all summer so hey arent comfortable on it yet so they decided the nest boxes are better to sleep in. They are like 13 inches square and all but the rooster pile in there at night. I have no idea how they fit in there. I dont tink he cares for the new sleeping arrangements. Where they were all summer they all just piled together on a straw covered floor. Not sure f we will see any eggs or not. Might be too old or just too late in the season.
    This much entertainment in just 2 days. Sure beats watching meaties grow.[​IMG]
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    Nothing better than chicken TV.
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    Night before last I forgot to get my hard-headed araucanas out from the nesting box they like so much and put them in the roost and they rewarded me with filthy shreaded paper. I will be happy when I go in to pick them up for the night and they are already with the rest of the birds.

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