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    Mar 2, 2012 "You have to read this. It made my day. Yesterday morning my mom when out to defrost the cars. She came in several minutes later and said she could smell burning hair. Now every once and a while during the winter there is some stupid cat that crawls in to the engine and gets fried. This hadn't happened yet this winter so I went out to look in the engine for her( she doesn't do animal heart ache). I look and I look and I can't find anything so I send her on her way to school ( she's elementary teacher). When she gets there calls to tell my dad she thinks it was a chicken. I had just gotten a bunch of new chickens from a man with cancer a week previous and had stopped checking to see if they went to roost in the house because so far they had. When we went out to the truck sure enough there was a pile of droppings where she had parked. My mom called to say that she wanted to get the chicken out because it was stinking up her van. So second hour I ask my teacher if I could go get the chicken out of my moms engine. I look underneath her van and see a mass of feathers twisted up be tween the front wheels. I take the car over to Ag shop where my wonderful teacher loaned me a jack, a flashlight, and a pair of welding gloves. I pulled on some feathers and all of the sudden there is squawking. The little rooster is alive and well. His ride melted his feathers on one side but not down to his skin. He's got a couple of burns on his wattle, but his main issue is he smells like burnt BBQ. He got a trip to the elementary school where I made my mother apologize. He spen the remainder of the day in a box in the back room of the Ag shop. Smokey is now back home putting the terror into roosters three times his size."
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    [​IMG] BBQed chicken, poor fellow. Glad to hear that he is alright, though. [​IMG]
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    Jan 4, 2012
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    Very funny! I'm glad for you that it had a happy ending too! I can relate to that problem (at least with cats, skunks, etc.). I remember that problem from when I was a kid in rural Michigan!
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    What a story! Poor little guy! Glad he survived!
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    Mar 2, 2012
    Not my chicken. One of the people at backyardherds. Sheepgirl posted it. I thought it was very funny. It totally made my morning to read about it.
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    I'm so glad you was okay.

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