This is literally rambling and don't need suggestions but think its ironic

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    Sep 5, 2014
    Have been struggling to get my chickens to unlearn coming up to the house begging. I seem to have had success with a large bag and throwing a broom(my BP is still great tho!). Last week, at my parttime job cleaning a building that I now know has neighboring chickens, I noticed large bird poops all over a front door/walk with berries in it. Thought it was the wild birds finally finding the berries on a bush there and cleaned it up. later last week one of the employees, on their way out, volunteered the oh-so-cute pics they had taken of chix from next door coming over. This person said they were going to bring in corn to feed chix and I said "not a good idea" and this person said"don't care-not my job". Well its not my job either, yet, and I am sick of the poo! Maybe they would allow me to come in, on the clock, and scream/chase chix with bag!!!!!
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    [​IMG] They sure can leave lots of poop, cant' they?

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