This is my first try at building


6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
It's not pretty but it seems to be working but I want to make sure I have what I need to have a good success rate.
Here are some of my issues.
1. Where do I place my vent holes? I have two small pencil sized ones in the top lid.
2. The bottom thermometer stays at 100 all the time once its warmed up. Will I be good to go on temp? I have a hydrometer that seems to fluctuate more than the one at the bottom.
3. I'm using a WH thermostat that is drill out for sensitivity. It seems to long between cycles before coming back on.
4. My fan seems to week and barely blows any air. Its a heat sink fan for the processor and that may be why. How much air should it blow.

5. I'm going to use a few small plant trays under my platform for humidity. I saw were a guy cuts up a sham wow and uses it as a wick. Will that work?
I will have two tubes that will feed it from the outside.

Here are some pics.

Everything seems fine. vent holes can go wherever. i put like 3 on each side. some on top some on bottom. Temp seems good. You dont necessarily need a fan so i wouldnt worry about it.
What I don't understand is I hooked it up today to get it ready for eggs and I can't get the temp back up to 100. If I put the humidity/thermometer cable on the right side of the egg turner the temps go up to 102. If its over by the square thermometer the temps are 98. I don't get it! What is the difference? The sq therm says 96 when it's been running for about 45min. If the humidity therm is accurate and I put eggs on the right side of the bator those eggs would be toast.

After the light turns off the temps will go up about a degree before coming back down. so It's more like 3 degress of change before the light comes on. The sq. therm on the bottom doesn't change like the other so I'm really lost.
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45 minutes is not usually long enough to get everything up to temp. is my first thought. 2nd thought is that it is going to be hotter on the bulb side. Temp going up and down a little after bulb goes on & off is normal. Processor fan is probably not enough in a forced air bator. A case fan would be better IMHO. Still air bator needs the heat source in a more centralized location in relation to the eggs. I wound up having to use 2 fans in mine to equlize temp.

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