this is not my week... emergency vet visit

Miss Red

9 Years
Apr 26, 2010
Trinity, Texas
This morning when I went and tossed hay to the girls I noticed Mama, my mustang and right hand girl who I've had for seven years, wasn't up with her buds. I thought shed stayed out back munching and thought nothing of it. At 11 she was up nibbling hay and looked fine.

By 1 pm I couldn't get her back on her feet. Finally got her up with the help of my mother... We treated her for colic, pumped her stomache, and started walking her.

She still hasn't passed a poop and is now wobbly, throwing her head, etc. The vet is on his way he didn't want to risk her falling in the trailer. He's been our vet for three years and knows Mama is NOT like this. She's a royal pain and aggressive to anyone but me. She has her sweet side, yes, but this isn't it.

He thinks she has west nile, or a mosquito related disease from her over the phone symptoms. (Drooling, droopy lip, wobbling when she walks head down. Etc)

He's on his way and I'm a nervous wreck. This is NOT my week. I'm typing this on my phone so please excuse it if its messy. I just need some big time prayers from all of you at BYC.... Please pray for us. This horse is my life I'd be devastated if she's not reversable...
She's gone a little down hill just since I called the vet... I hope he gets here soon I'm getting tired of all this pacing. Me and Mama are taking a break from walking now, I'm sitting on the back of my truck she's nibbling on my shoulder trying to tell me what's wrong...

Ugh. Vets know how to take their sweet time.
I hope everything is ok! And no blaming the vet for taking too long when it's an emergency call keeping him away from his dinner!
The vet just left, she had an impacted colon (huge chunk of poo was extracted... Almost five pounds worth!)

Pumped her stomach again, filled her up with mineral oil, and gave her a whopping 12cc of banamine IV. He said it was most likely sand colic, and told us to up their sand clear to every two weeks if not every week.

He also looked at Mayas leg again and confirmed it was summers itch due to the fact it got better after treatment free of charge!

Then he sat and drank a cold beer with my mother and talked a bit on payments for the visit. Took him longer to get here because hed stopped for a six pack on the way! Said she wouldn't be worse either way.

Silly Kleckly. Last time he came out was to put down an old sick mare whose kidneys shut down. He had stopped for beer then too... Gotta love my vet. He's old schooled baha.

Anyways Mama is doing better, she's in isolation from her herd (diligently standing next to her pen). Told us to give her a half a flake of hay in six hours IF she's acting hungry. If she eats slowly take it back. She is high as a kite right now from the shot he had to give her just to twitch her, too.

Good ole Mama. Sick as a dog and still wants to kill the vet with needles and tubes going down her throat.

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