This is really weird!!!!!!

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    Mar 5, 2010
    Dublin TEXAS
    Ok so I went in my coop to gather the eggs and I saw one on the floor under the bedding so who knows how long it’s been there any way it had a big crack down its side and it looked like one of the chickens pecked it or something so I cracked it open outside and it had a week old if not older embryo in it and it was still alive i feel bad. I have no broody hens and I’m not really sure but the temp outside has been in the 100 I am in Texas so we do get a lot of humidity, there is another egg on the floor bye were it was do I leave it and see if it hatches or put it in the Bator
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    Mar 26, 2011
    i would put in bator.
    then i would take a fake egg or an egg and place it under their.
    you might not think you have a broody but you just might. an if you do ya!!!!!
    if not ,then you must have the best weather for baby chicks. no broody no bator weather .[​IMG]
    please send to michigan it been to cool up here.

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