This is the best floor right?

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I am doing my 4x4 coop today. We xed out the mega coop, so I'm building "The Mini". I'm stealing Steve's design (he don't know that yet LOL) and I have the base made. I was going to do wire, but eww wire, plus it's stationary, so I can't clean the poop underneath. I could use 1x6's covered with vinyl or osb covered with vinyl. Either is free, since I have the stuff.


I should use vinyl? right? or no?
OSB or 1x6's?
Best would be exterior-grade plywood, painted, then either covered with vinyl or not, according to your preference.

Of the things you have lying around, I'd probably opt for OSB covered with vinyl, but I'd paint the OSB well first (because SOME moisture WILL get under your vinyl). 1x6s, unless you have a joiner you like playing with, will have crevices that crud will get into; and plain OSB without vinyl will be hard to clean and not especially long-lived even if painted.

Good luck, have fun,

Okay. Thanks. I can't do the exterior plywood for floor. I'm trying to save as much as I can with stuff i already have

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