this is what i want to do with my life..


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May 26, 2009
who wants to know?
i want to work with the death sciences when i come of age. (im in my mid teens now)
i've wanted to do this for ever too. my family kinda frowns apon it tho. (the ones on my dad's side are die hard Christians, and my moms side are just scared of death and see something wrong with everything about it)
i wanna do it tho! i didnt know how well i would do with disecting until my 8th grade year (we cut open frogs) and i got bonus points on it. and i enjoyed every minute of it.
idk if my family will spend money on me to go to med school so i can work with death the rest of my life.
idk what to do. what kind of scholarships are there for that kind of work?


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Dec 2, 2009
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There is nothing wrong with that. People's loved ones deserve respect and good care even after they are deceased. When you get in college take a couple of anatomy and physiology classes.
We got to dissect fetal pigs and cats first, then sheep eyeballs and brains. I remember we had this huge black tomcat from the pound. It still had terrible dead fleas on it. When we skinned it, there were still some fleas stuck to the muscle layer of the cat.
Later, we worked on cadavers. The guy we had, had died in his middle age from lung cancer and you could see his lungs and other internal organs were completely blackened from all the smoke. Our instructor let me cut his foot off because it had started to get rotten lol. No one else wanted to do it. The elderly woman cadaver had died in a nursing home and was on tube feeding in her final days and you could see her stomach was very shrunken up. We also had a human brain in a jar that was pretty awesome.
Our finals were kinda cool because we had to go into a room by ourselves with just the two cadavers. One on each side of us. The lights were a little low and it was dead quiet. I thought it was a little creepy at the time..but fun. Knowing our morbid instructor he probably thought it was funny.
There were pins in all the internal organs and other parts with numbers on them and we had a sheet of paper with about 300 numbers and we had to write all the correct answers for each number.
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That would be so cool ... I have a great respect for the dead and have honestly thought of getting a job working with the dead... I sooo want to work at the Body Farm, seeing decay first hand would be really interesting..especially the differences in decomposition due to outside forces(ie.... heat, cold , humidity) .. i also would like to be apart of helping folks to move back to more natural burials, with out all the earth killing poisons , concrete tombs etc.. Since we are of the earth we should be allowed to return to it not fester inside a stone slab while we slowly poision the earth with formaldehyde.....


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That can be a GOOD job! But i think its alot of schooling...So if your serious, keep your grades up!


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Apr 28, 2010
One of the toughest parts is as far as funeral directers go most businesses are family run and it can be difficult to find a job with one (a career path I also considered as one of my tops). One thing is for sure though, there will always be a need for this field, some of the safest career choices to make are the ones that every single living human is certain to encounter - be it food, weather, taxes, or death.

Dont get put off by the faces and remarks, it takes the right person to do many of these specialized jobs, and most people dont have what it takes but can at least agree on the importance of it while they squirm.


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That would not be a problem!

Also, taking art classes would help too since you may be asked to do some recontruction stuff on face that has been damaged by impacts.

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