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    Is it possible to have a lawn when you own guineas? I planted a new lawn last spring and also an area that will be planted with berry bushes later with clovers. The lawn and clover were coming in really nice till I started free ranging the guineas. The clover is completely gone now and the grass isn't looking so good anymore. I'd really like to reseed, but thinking they'll just eat the seed. :/
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    It's possible... if the area is fenced and you continually run around chasing the Guineas out like a crazy person when they hop the fence and start munching the lawn (been there done that!) lol.

    One of my "frequent flyer" customers was pulling her hair out after they reseeded some of their their horse pastures (they have 50 acres and a pond but I am not sure how many acres they had reseeded)... her flock of 20+ Guineas did nothing but pork out on all the grass seed for days, and wouldn't even touch their regular food or come running for treats. She had wanted to get a few more Guineas from me but after that experience she said forget it, lol.
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    Keep the guineas fenced in until your lawn is growing well and the grass is well rooted. My experience is the guineas will not-disturb well-planted grass unless there are bugs to be found, in which case your lawn will grow back greener.

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