This might be a stupid question - Are duck scared of the dark?


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Apr 6, 2010
right now they are sharing a coop with the chickens until I get a small house up for them in their own run. I had a heat lamp out there, but as soon as it started being actually *warm* at night ( about a week or so ago) I put a 60 watt bulb in.

Duh me, didn't think about the chickens stirring about and not roosting (they think it's daytime dimwit), but if I don't have the light on, everyone seems very scared, mostly the ducks, but the chickens too. Do they need a night light? I have a street light near the coop, but it won't get a lot of light once their house is up.
I don't know if ducks really are scared of the dark, but mine likes to be around the chickens. I guess she feels safer with them, being she is the ONLY duck here.
It's probably just because they aren't used to it being dark at night. Things going 'bump' in the night, and they can't see what it is. Just like anything else that gets changed, they'll get used to it.
I have my booder in the there is light for a few hours at night even if they no longer have a heat lamp... I find the first few nights when I go to bed there is a lot of fuss made when the lounge room light is turned off....But they all soon calm down and get used to it.
Just look under their beds before they go to sleep to make sure there are no monsters- then they will feel better

Maybe we should just communal sleep. I'm sure my husband won't mind.
My ducks live with a baby night light. I remember when I turned off their regular light bulb used for heat very well. They screamed their lungs off. So in went the baby night light. They even have one in the duck house, even though I think they can do with out. The duck house has large windows with some solar lights in front emitting light into the yard.
Thank you red maple! That's just what I was looking for, I knew I'd read something and was sure I wasn't {completely} crazy.

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