This ones got me stumped


Nov 28, 2020
So I ordered a 3rd breed of chicken to add to our flock of Barred rocks and RIR. They sent me a "mystery" chick along with my order, which i thought was cool. Iv been having fun trying to figure out what he is but as i dig deeper and deeper i cant seem to pin his breed down. Id find one i think would fit and then dismiss it due to conformity or slight differences in color etc. The legs are hard to see but they are a bluish grey. Any help would be appreciated


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They will be 2 months on august 10th. Today is the first day i let them out to clean their pen. Up until now iv been catching them and putting them in a crate. Im almost 100% certain of it being a cockerel because of the comb and rate of growth. Was just having trouble identifying breed. I really appreciate you guys. Iv been wracking my brains trying to figure him out
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