This time it's the turner and I need help


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12 Years
Nov 6, 2009
I tried posting this under the other thread I had when I needed heating element help, but figured I'd start another.

I hear the turner losing the little screw in piece. It happened last year and the Sportsman is basically the only thing I have running that would make a sound.

Four of my eggs dropped as I got there. Only one was from another breeder, 3 from my birds.

My husband had tightened this thing when I had the problem before and I tightened it again when I was working on it this weekend.

This was a used bator. I don't know if something may be missing??

The arm has two pieces with holes that slide onto the bar and then the little screw piece is screwed intowards the flatten piece of that same metal bar. I know the newer turners look different, so had to kind of discribe it.

I was just not thinking. Was there maybe something that held the arm on and what can I do to keep this thing from falling out?

I have 126 eggs left in there. I'm going to have to take them all back out carefully and start over.

Would maybe sliding something tight over the outside do it, or do I need to find a way for this screw in piece to hold it?

Really need to figure out a solution without getting into it too much or having it cost money that I just don't have right now.
I have an older Sportsman too. I have had mine apart but can't remember how it works. Maybe you can get a diagram from the GQF website.

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