Those census people have the WORST timing.


12 Years
May 11, 2009
Kentucky, Cecilia
Horrified, absolutely horrified.

Ok so I have been outside in the coop, run, garden, and horse field for the last 10 hours. My son comes running that some lady is in the drive and will not get out of her car. Ok let me put down all the fencing stuff, use my sunglasses as a headband for my less than stellar and almost scary hairdo after that many hours in the sun. Worked my rear off today trying to finish fencing before the hubby comes home so I am not looking or smelling that great. I am tired, thirsty, and a bit cranky.

And there is a lady in her nice little suit, in her nice tiny little car, and she wants me to fill out the papers my parents didn't fill out ( they nagged me for weeks to fill out mine but they skipped) Sigh ok well since you are here. So that being done she asks if the neighbors were right and the lady down the hill is related. Yep my sister. Great could you fill hers out by proxy please she won't come to the door. Sigh Here look at my horrid hair while I do paperwork on your windshield. Worst timing. Could they have not waited till I was showered and dressed decent to come annoy me?
heheheh they get paid like $15 an hour, I doubt they really care

I AM surprised you say a lady in a suit with a nice little car though.....around here people do that in their regular ole beat up pickups with a little paper sign taped in the back window... lol
It was a cute red economy car. The kind that won't fit all my kids but gets great gas milage. Everything is cute when your driving a beat up van loaded with kids and chicken feed. lol Honestly I am kinda shocked she made it up the hill. Most see our steep gravel drive and decide its just not worth it. I don't think she had a sign or I didn;t see one. All I saw was census forms.
And that's why I filled mine out, I never have anyone knock when my hair's done and makeup on. No but if i'm still in jammies at 10 am 3 people will knock on the door for something.
If your sister refused to fill it out... I hope you refused as well..... she may get upset with you for doing it too.

They can't do anything to you for refusing and if they really want the information they can get it in other means, and they will. My DH talked to a guy yesterday who retired as head of the census bureau because he didn't like what they were doing and he refused to say anything more on the phone to him.... other than, they can get and use this info on you in any way they see fit.

I hate sneaky people, if they asked me about my neighbors or family... I'd tell them it's none of my business.

Can you tell I'm not fond of the censuses?
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That would be my luck and that is 1 reason I filled it out.

My thoughts were if they can get the info they are asking anywhere, then why not fill it out. After the amount of money spent advertising and mailing, etc., they were paying the census people $17/hour + mileage (at least in our area). I hope people who really needed those jobs snatched them up. On the other hand there was at least 1 story about a guy who was hired and was on a sex offenders list. The government didn't want to spend the money on the background check before they went through training.
She refused because she is lazy and for no other reason. She refused to come to the door because she the lady just honked her horn and didn't come to her door. My sister felt that was rude. I personally don't have an issue with it. My sister has 2 HUGE slightly agressive dogs that she lets run loose. ( the source of many family fights. I can't stand her dogs) They growl at family they are used to so I don't think they would take a stranger well. When the lady came up the hill apparently my sisters dogs had followed her and were growling at her window. My son told them to go home and came to get me. Poor woman will never accept work in a rural area ever again.
That'd kind of bug me... ANYONE could print up a form and claim it was legit... then again I AM a paranoid...
Especially if anyone comes asking about my KIDS... they get grilled...

CPS agents don't care for me at all...
but I figure, you dedicated your life to PROTECTing children so why would you expect parents to do any less?

Same goes for census... supposedly it's for 'our own good' so there ya go.

Friend of ours PO'd the people because she checked black for her, white for hubby and BOTH black and white for her kids.
They tried to bully her into checking only one box... pick a parent basically... she told them to kiss off.
I love that lady.
Not sure what everyone does or can do, but we do not get mail delivery - we have to have a post office box. Well, lo and behold, if you do not get regular mail delivery - they HAVE to come to your house and fill out the forms. You cannot call the toll free number and fill out the forms they mail to you. So, to the OP, I was in the same boat.Came to my house in the middle of cleaning out the coop
and insisted on filling out these forms at 8 PM
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