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Okay so here's the deal. Thinking of getting my hubs a ps4 for Christmas. Currently he has a rather well loved three. Spends a lot of time playing gtav (which he has a digital copy of and when I mentioned it to him cause he was hinting the new ps...he said yeah the digital copy would carry over to a 4.)

So here's my question. Which ps4 should I get him? 500 gigs? 1 tb? (Gosh that seems huge). Or should I get him a bundle with games? Which games are decent if so?)

My chicken friends, I'm hoping one of you is nerdier than I in this regard!!! Help!!!
I would go the 1tb for sure. A few games, updates, movies etc and it won't seem so big. Especially with file sizes growing.
Alright. So get the 1tb...holy jesus that's going to take forever to download/transfer on our internet...gulp....and let him pick out games since that gtav is what he plays most anyway and apparently will transfer over.

Just...may take a month lol. We get 6-7mbps (seven is on an extremely good day)
I have a 500GB PS3 and it has worked just fine, but I hardly play games on it because I don't often have time. Someone that plays a lot of games would probably benefit from the larger console!
I don't know about the ps4 100% but you can always replace the hard drive with a bigger one later on.

It would take a lot of games to fill up a 1tb, if he will be using it for heavy media then get the 1tb, if he won't be playing a huge amount of games then get the 500gb.
We use our PS3 for music when not playing games on it. More storage would be great. DH has a huge music collection and we have most of out CDs loaded on it. You can never have too much storage.
You can always add more games later, just make sure he has one to play right away.
How do you load the music on to it??? I am such a noob in the ways of the PlayStation lol. His 3 is rather old....glitches out from time to time playing games much to hubs' dismay.

I think what I'm going to do is just say hey. Here's x amount of money. Let's go shopping.

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