Thought I had a dead hen

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    Feb 10, 2016
    This morning I went out to feed and check on my flock of 7 and I noticed one laying in the corner of the outdoor run. I went to remove her, as she was not moving and I thought for sure had passed, and she slowly opened her eyes. She will not stand, or keep her eyes open. I had to open her beak, and try to get water in her mouth. It was almost as if it were glued shut. This is our first time with chickens, and from what we have observed, everything seemed to be normal within the coop. I have many questions, but first.... can i save my chicken!?
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    How old is she, and have they recently come to you? Have you added any new birds recently? Dehydration or weakness from any disease such as coccidiosis can cause lameness and lethargy. Do her eyes have any drainage, sticky or otherwise? I would bring her inside from the cold, and give her some electrolytes by dipping her beak or holding a small cup up to her beak. Pedialyte or Gatorade will substitute for poultry electrolytes in a pinch. Look for any diarrhea with mucus, or blood in droppings. Coccidiosis is something that can cause some of her symptoms, and is common in younger birds, but also can affect others. Here is a link about it and how Corid (amprollium) can treat it:

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