Thought I was done!!!!!!!


13 Years
Dec 19, 2007
Well I THOUGHT I was done brooding for the season. I finally got the 5 Barred Rock pullets into the coop with the Buff Orpingtons, cleaned out the garage brooder and sanitized everything. Well my niece, who is a veterinary student in high school hoping to get into The Ohio State University vet school, had a duck hatching project. Seems no one could keep the 5 ducklings she hatched. Guess who got them. What am I going to do let them euthanize them? To top it off the teacher's Yorkie got ahold of one of them the last day of school, so I have 4 in the garage brooder, and 1 in a hospital cage in my office. It's having trouble standing, but is much better 2 days later, and is starting to walk. Hoping it's just a muscle thing and it will get stronger with time. Nothing seems broken and she doesn't appear to be in terrible pain. I let her swim last night in the tub and she did great. Thought maybe taking some of the weight off her leg may let her work it without too much strain. I have no idea how old they are, but I'm guessing around 6 weeks or so. The make up seems to be 4 Cayugas and 1 Blue Swede (to add to the 4 I currently have on my pond).

I have to learn how to use the word NO!!!!!!!
If you don't have room for them you could always list them on craigslist. If it helps, I got a wild baby bunny on my table right now. My neighbor came over yesterday and asked if I wanted to take care of it. She did for several days and I guess she can't do it anymore. Her cat had gotten it and doesn't want the cat doing it again. It has a hurt leg. Can't blame her for that. I can't say no either.
You could do much worse than have those ducklings. Good for you!! On their behalf, I send you a giant

You are great to take the ducklings....please if you can't take care of them, DO NOT TURN THEM LOOSE IN A POND OR STREAM....that is so sad....
No they'll live out their lives provding me with eggs or entertainment, on my pond with the other ducks. Oh well, other than the mess it's not a big deal.....

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