thought I would share a story.. add yours too

southern oaks

9 Years
Jan 14, 2011
Southern Illinois
Last night I had a regular multiple feeder in with new guineas (3-6day old) I heard one kept peeping and peeping and it was bedtime. Soooo I looked and I guess they had eaten one side down and not the others. I had the cutest little fuzz ball stuck inside the feeder. Took me 20 min to get it out without hurting it. At first I thought it was going to be a sad story about the lil one. It was walking sideways, falling over and not being about to get back on its feet. So I propped it up in a small shoe box with a beenie baby ( yes I use those for my new babies to cuddle on) and pretty soon it was up and going. Now that it is over it was the funniest thing. trying to get that lil thing out of that feeder.. geez I learned that you keep it full all the time and not let them eat only one side...
Mine too had gotten theirselves stuck in the feeders. The metal rail feeders do sometimes cause them to get their feet stuck. I know use the plastic ones.

I was driving to town the other day and I slammed on my brakes as 12 guineas were crossing the road! 11 pearl & a royal purple. They never looked up. Didn't notice that I was stopped in the middle of the road. They kept slowly making their way across the road. I watched them go into some tall grass & disappear.
Awww, so glad he's feeling better!

I have one of those brinsea brooders in with the smallest babies. A few months ago one went beside it, between the brooder leg/stand and the box wall. Somehow got himself laying down, on his back...stuck of course! He couldn't have been there more then a few hours since I know I picked it up earlier. I got him out and he wobbled and fell over and looked all stunned for a few minutes. Was back to normal within an hour...sure gave me a scare though!

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