Thought it was a stuck egg . . . what was it?


11 Years
Mar 27, 2008
A few days ago I noticed my Rhode Island Red acting lethargic, was the same yesterday, and today was really bad, hardly even standing, eyes mostly shut. I checked her, and her bottom was all swelled out, and I looked here and thought maybe she had an egg stuck. So I brought her inside, cleaned her up in the sink, and did the vaseline-thing to see if I could feel and egg. I went in as far as my finger could go, no egg. Felt around, nothing.

She was in bad shape. So I took care of her humanely, there was nothing to be done. I autopsied her, and she was FULL of yellow, clear fluid. There was an egg in her, regular-egg sized, but it had nothing close to a hardened shell. It was all squashed and lobed, and HARD. The yolk was like a hard-boiled egg! Solid!

Does anyone have any idea what happened? Could it have gotten stuck way back in before it ever really developed and caused the fluid to collect? I really just want to rule out a disease that might affect the other birds!


12 Years
Dec 21, 2007
Southeast USA
most likely an internal layer that developed EYP (Egg Yolk Peritonitis) that went septic.

if you want more info about EYP/internal laying..dlhunicorn has an excellent article at her web site.

very sorry for the loss of your hen.

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