Thought she went broody!


11 Years
Aug 25, 2008
I have silkie hen that has been laying for a few weeks now and every other day I get an egg. Last night she went to the nest and set there (which I have seen her do many times before) and I thought well she is going to give me another egg. Well after an hour or so she was still there. So I thought good she's going to sit now. Geuss what. This morning she was the first on out the door when I opened it. I don't know if she went back today or not. What do you guys think about this. Is it just a signt that she is starting to go broody?



11 Years
Jul 12, 2008
Northeast Ohio
I think it is. Mine is doing the same thing. Today I checked on her and she didn't want to move off her nest, although there were no eggs under her. We have been taking them away from her every day. she comes out to eat and see whats going on but returns to her little corner on the floor and just sits there. If another hen comes around she kinda makes a funny grumbly sound and stays put. I'm new to all this but I think it is broodiness.


11 Years
Sep 25, 2008
Douglas, MA
I have a blue cochin that did the same thing. I put marks on all the eggs she's been on. I noticed one was broke so I checked it and they are about 3 days along now. She did the same thing in the beginning, she got up. I think she did this until she had a big enough clutch of eggs. Not sure though. This is my first broody also. But it is very exciting, I can't wait to candle the rest!!

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