Thought they were all hens...not sure now-HELP PLEASE!!!

Feathered Landings

10 Years
Mar 27, 2009
Eatonville, WA
Up to a few days ago we thought all our chickens were hens. Our neighbor who has 11 hens and 2 roos said other wise. Can anyone help me determine if theses are hens or not? They're almost 4 months and the comb and wattles are really getting big compared to the others. Also it looks like the Red Sex Link is getting spur bumps on the legs. Thank you in advance, Rachel


We were told this one was a Red Sex Link.


We were told this one was a RIR.
Thank you, thank you, thank you
I'm not sure we're ready for roosters yet, but I would someday like one. I'm still new to this so I want to take it one step at a time. We're still trying to adjust to our guinea so to throw a rooster in the mix maybe a lot right now. I appreciate your time to post replies. Thanks again, Rachel:bow
If that was a red sex-link male, it would be white with a few random red feathers in the wings and hackle feathers. I don't think it's a red sex-link at all, is it? If it were a RSL female, it would have some random white feathers, wouldn't it?
Sorry, it's not a very good pic. She does have a few white feathers hidden. Here's a pic of her about 1 month ago. As she gets older she's getting darker and the white is more hidden now. I'm just going by what the hay market told me, where we bought them, doesn't mean they're right though. I hear of lots of mix ups when they're bought in bulk. Thanks for the reply...tell me what you think from the new pic please

Thanks for the heads up on that one...I'll have to ask again at the hay market next time I'm there. Either way, she the absolute best chicken ever. She's so calm and loving and just excellent with the kids (I have a 1 1/2 yr old and 3 1/2 yr old) and it's their favorite one. We just love her to death and are glad we ended up with her, what ever kind she is or ends up being

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