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  1. Grant6411

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    Dec 1, 2008
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    ok, one of my chicks (sorry i know its hard with no pics) i thought was an australorp, but than it started to grow a top-like thing, its like a small rise of feathers that goes up like a little hill, the low point starting on the top of his head thats nearest to his face, and the other australorps dont have that, also on his beak the base of it has a crater kinda nostril thing i guess and the others dont have that, plus from the beginning ive remembered its mine becuase it had lighter colored legs than the other australorps, btw hes black and i know its hard to tell without pics (i might get them later) but what is he? i think hes the 1 "mystery throw in" chick cuase all the other chickens are what we ordered... so im thinking of the breeds he could be (oh btw he's big and growing like an australorp,) so since hes big and black, im thinking maybe jersey giant, maybe since he has a little of a top that looks like hair standing up maybe sumatra? ( you know, the thing that looks like it has 4 legs? isn't that a sumatra? or is that something else?) i dont think hes houdan cuase he doesent have much of a top, he/she is about maybe 6 weeks old now (round there) but are there any other breeds he could be, and/or can any1 tell from just the discription?

    if any1 has pictures of chickens of the breeds i mentioned as about the age group i said, even if theyre not how i described plz post anyway so i can say ok, not that breed or, yes that one.
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    is it all black or does it have yellow too or other colors on it? sounds like a crested breed to me. what color is the legs and is it feather footed or clean legged? pics definately would help. [​IMG]

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