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HI everyone . My son was born 3 weeks early with a Extreamly rare genetic disorder that caused him to suffer from many medical issues and more importantly to be delayed the first 3 or 4 years of his life . He is now a very happy and healty little boy but he was diagnosed with ADHD and tested rather low especally if you consider he is in his 2nd year of kindergarden. His school wont do anything to help him and mostly just complain about his lack of attention or ability to sit still. After fighting for a 1 1/2 to get him some sort of IEP I have given up on them doing anything about it it dosnt seem to matter what I say or his Dr or his therpist or anyone else they say he dosnt need one end of story and they wont give him one or help him. So what can I do to truely help him with his education I dont want him to hate school and I want him to do the best that he is able to and if things dont change I dont see that happening in public school for him . Privte school isnt an option we dont have the money. Should I home school ? Im afraid I wont be able to teach him the solid foundation for reading and and things my self . Thoughts or Ideas anyone ?
If the school is fighting you, contact a lawyer and that will get them to take you seriously. Despite your child's issues, he deserves an education with his peers and the fun of having friends and being part of the school community.
First of all, he is a cutie!

Keep fighting. Why won't they give him an IEP? Who diagnosed him with ADHD? What helps calm him and focus him? How much progress did he make in Kindergarten? Can he recognize letter sounds? Is he trying to read? If he has an IEP, the school HAS to follow it. You need to try further up the ladder to get him an IEP.
I agree with RHRanch! My son is adhd with HIGH iq. When had to fight 4 years to get him tested and it took saying I was going to involve the law before they did anything. Found out he has Dysgraphya (SP?) also. He is now in advanced classes and has a 504 and is doing wonderfully! You keep fighting for that cutey! Your a good Mommy!
Thank you . I will look into a lawyer . The school woudnt even test him tell I wrote a letter to the editor of our local paper that got published in it but after the testing they had a meeting saying he tested normal in this but low in this ect but he dosnt qualify for help at this time becuase he is only in kindergarden. His Doctor who had him from birth till she moved a few months ago was the one who said he had ADHD and we saw a therpyst that she recommended that said he agreed with that . They both wrote letters to the school saying he Had ADHD and needed to have an IEP the school said no still. Not much helps him focus but one on one and makeing shure he understands and hears what your saying, we tested his hearing because he seemed to have a hard time but it tested as fine. I some times give him small amounts of coffee and that brings his hyper from 9 to a 7 or so but he is just super busy , unless he is serously ill he shoots out of bed in the morning and dosnt stop for more then a few minutes at a time thourghout the day. He can sometimes watch tv or play video games with some amount of focus but even thoughs have a hard time to keep his attention . He seems extreamly smart and is always asking questions about everything. He is also very happy and very sweet always giveing people flowers and shareing his toys and food and everything without ever being asked He is just very very busy and a class room with 25 kids and all sorts of distractions has him all over the place. He finnaly knows most of his alphabit though he still gets stuck on x and y some times and is learning a few sounds he can count to 12 . He had 2 year old pre school with Early intervention and was in preschool for 3 and 4 and is almost done with his second year of kindergarden.
Your doctor has not put him on meds yet? I have a friend that has an ADHD and autistic kid and he is supper smart. But because of his problems he was 2-4 years behind until he was put on his meds and he is now home schooled. In one year he has advanced 2-3 school years! Just be strong Dear. It is hard having great kids sometimes.
Have you looked for a support group of other parents in your state in your situation? They will have the wealth of experience in dealing with this and are probably as knowlegable about state laws as a lawyer!

Also check online for free legal aid societies. I can tell you that if you cant afford private school, a lawyer will bankrupt you!

If you belong to a church they may have a private school that would take your son on scholarship.

If you have a college with a child psychology program ( usually graduate school level) you can ask if they have students who could tutor and work on behavioral modification. Check with the therapist, too...

Good luck!

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