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I am 48 years old raised in the sticks on a farm. Here is something I have noticed over the years, First animals (and us too if we listen )have a since when it comes to danger. I don't have the trouble that most people do with pest or predators. I had a racoon kill a duck this week first bird I have lost in the year and a half since I started back with poultry The neighbor 1/4 mile down the road uses an electric fence to keep critters out of his garden. Nothing besides bugs bothers my garden. I think it is my attitude mental make up, And animals ability to since that. Here are just two of several examples : the racoon that killed my duck lollygaged around for an hour in the pen the wife threw dog pans at him yelled, neighbors next door pulled in , the mail lady stopped (my wife was watching him through binoculars) the second my feet hit the ground on our property he decided it was time to leave. He made that decision a few seconds to late
. Ealier this fall the dogs started raising a ruckus around midnight as I got to the front of the property my neighbor was out there he was trying to catch his dog. there were two large shepard looking dogs being real aggressive towards him on the road as soon as I got close they tucked tail and left. My neighbor said He was terrified that they were going to attack. I can think of sereral other examples , but am to lazy to type them out
The difference between me and a couple of people like me I know and most people are: 1...I have no qualms in killing an agressive or distructive animal. 2...I am not scared usually once it gets to this point I am mad. 3...once the decision is made to kill an animal I am confident there is a 98% chance of said critter dieing I don't miss often
It may be the rantings of a crazy old hillbilly but I don't have the critter problems most have and I really don't have to shoot that many animals just my thoughts
P.S. I think the 3 weeks of deep snow and cold temps made food scarce is the only reason the racoon chanced my coup
I think you are on the right track. I have never lost a bird to a preditor... or had issues with mean dogs or even mean geese. My neighbor lost her entire flock twice in two years... and I can see her coop from my yard. So it isn't far.

I think the difference is I have a "alpha dog" mentality. You probrably do too. And, yes, of course all animals can sense that. I don't kill anything (like I said, I have never had a preditor problem), but I would. I have noticed that dogs, geese (there are specific stories to go along with that but I'm too lazy too), doesn't matter the critter.... they know when you are "dominent". Even other humans... they know by the way you carry yourself and by how sure you are of things that you are not to be messed with. It's not that I'm mean. Actually, people tell me all the time that I'm sweet. I just demand my respect. I think animals can tell that. They will run over someone who doesn't have that alpha mentality.

As far as my chickens and preditors... I think alot of it has to do with also a balance. I respect and I get respected. It's my own personal belief, though. The whole circle of life thing. Don't know how to explain it in words, but it works for me.
I guess I should specify. I was raise in the hills and we grew raised or hunted 50%-60% of our food .to make it . that was in the 70's the last time the economy was this bad. Dad was often a way to work . I was the oldest, protecting the garden and animals was my job . You would be amazed what I have killed with a 410 single shot.
I understand the part about being so scared you get mad because that is what happens to me....
I never have problems with dogs of any kind either.
We were raised to be self sufficient and do what we had to do.
So maybe there IS something to all of this.
My 2 best friends are Mr. Smith & Mr. Wesson, when something or someone gets after my critters, these 2 are asked to take care of the problem. Most of the time they are left hanging on the wall. My dogs scare off most small predators, but I have had a bear problem from time to time. As well as a human once. The last 2 are dealth with differently. If you want to live in peace with nature, it can be done. There are times when nature needs a little help. Since I have been keeping a pair of sheep in my chicken yard, they have scared off a few coons and other small predators. Show no fear toward an animal and they will leave you be.
I have the same thing happen. the last time a Raccoon was trying to fight it's way through our back door. i was of in the bedroom and my wife was standing in the kitchen not 10 feet away. she was yelling her head off. both of our dogs where even closer to it barking to beat the band. Still it was trying to work it's way in. the second I came around the corner the raccoon stopped and looked at me for a second and hit reverse. it was gone before I could get to the door. I have a lot of other experiences of wild animals on the prowl that never come close to our livestock only to hear later that the neighbor lost something to them. I know that an animal recognizes the look of another animal hunting them
just as they recognize the look of fear. I have always thought it was something like that they see when they are watching. I see them and I move closer. i start looking for the way to get to them etc. and they recognize the look of the hunt. Very seldom do they want to play.
I won't deny being a gun nut , but it is not about guns . it is more about a mentality that animals can pick up on. Put a older rooster in with several 5 month old roosters and watch for a while ,they don't have to take a butt kickin to realise who's the boss. As tnchickenut put if you have an alpha dog or alpha predator attitude most animals make a wide berth around you most of the time. The example of the sheperd dogs above I wasn't armed . I had a flashlight and a ski pole(they make great walking sticks) I think animals can sence the difference between the area where some who probably won''t actively confront them lives, and some one like me who if I catch said critter in my coup I'll beat him to death with a branch if that is all I have. if the predator is dead he can't come back for seconds
I is just the way we are made up it may even be genetic, neither way is wrong in my opinion . I could just be crazy too


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