thoughts and prayers to the family in pa (tragic fire)


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I am sending my prayers to the parents there was a fire in pa it was a farm house sad to say they lost there children to the fire i think the news said 7 children . The mother was out takeing care of cows as everyday and the father was on his way to work to deliver milk . I sit here typing this with holding tears, this is so sad i do not know them but i thought i would this thread for prayers for themselves .
Oh no, that is so terrible
My heart goes out to them can't imagine how they're feeling
Ok the news said there was 9 children two lived one is a three years old that one got out the house and ran to the mother to tell her there was a fire . It is so sad my heart hurts for them
This happened about 50 miles from where we live. This Mennonite family lost 7 of their 8 children in only a few minutes. I can't imagine how they must feel. There is a very tight knit group of people (many Amish & Mennonite) in that area providing support. The neighbors came in immediately to milk the cows and brought in a motor home for the pregnant Mother, Father and 3 year old to live in for now.

I am praying for the family and the 7 newest angels in heaven.

Clouse Family fire
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