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    Hi Everyone!
    I know I can get the best advice here, so here is my dilema.

    I would like to add a pullet to my coop. I know that I need to keep the birds apart for a few weeks and slowly introduce them. I am also open to the idea of a chick or two to get a hen. Chicks are widely available right now.

    I had originally started with three hens, but lost one shortly after purchase. I have had the two remaining since last fall. They were already 18 months old when I got them, so I know they won't lay forever, and will eventually need to be replaced.

    You can see my coop set up on my Coop page. I was wondering if I could perhaps build a coop box in the upper portion of the run as a starter coop for the young newbie. This would keep them in close proximity to the others and allow more coop space. On the other hand, it would be tricky to let them out until they are accepted by the older two.

    My other thought was to build a smaller beginner coop and run as a halfway house until they are big enough to get along with the older two. I dread the thought of another huge project though. I am currently building a playpen of sorts to let the girls free range in the yard. Right now, I let them out for a couple of hours each day and they are destroying all of my garden beds. It is almost time to start planting my garden and I need to keep them out. I wonder if I could section off the pen to allow them together for those couple hours a day without pecking at each other.

    Anyway, I guess I am looking for the easiest solution to adding another bird without stressing them out too much. I know I will have to build something. I'm just not sure what.

    Any thoughts or advice are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

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