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8 Years
Mar 8, 2011
timblin pa
Hi, a couple of months ago, my older Rhode Island Red rooster, Rebel, got to where he lost his balance, when he would go down to peck he would fall. Brought him inside when he was in the shelter and not responding - he is one who would attack with intent to do major harm. In bringing him in, placed food and water near. would peck everywhere but could not focus on either-blind?? Would hand feed and after a few weeks able to see, eating great. Short times outside, walking fine no stumbles. Second act. another rooster, Henry same thing only he cannot get up, lays on side. Placed Rebel outside and brought Henry in (made sure Rebel was doing okay eating etc and he is) Henry too is eating well, is able to see, but same symptoms as Reb with regards to balance. I syringe feed water to make sure he is getting that, moisten food so easier to grab and is eating letting crop fill and then holding for a bit to make sure all settles. do this a few times a day. I thought perhaps making a donut for him to sit on where he can be in a squat position. thoughts. It is only the roosters affected, the hens are fine. And my silkie is fine. One thought perhaps got hold of mushrooms which would produce same symptoms. Ill keep hand feeding, lights etc until he gets better or passes but wanted thoughts suggestions ie feeding, donuts. And another question, living in Timblin Pa. can a silkie be outside in winter or should come in. I built shelter out of pallets and tarp. thank you for being there you all, I may not be on much but do read all.
Sounds to me like they might be eating something they aren't supposed to. I know if your chickens have dirty waterers(not suggesting you do) and algae starts to grow in them it can cause some neurological symptoms like that.

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