Thoughts on getting shipped eggs?


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Aug 31, 2013
I have yet to try getting eggs shipped to me. Slightly worried about them sitting at post office or at my door. Anything I should do, or worry about ? I am interested in getting some Italian coturnix because I would love some new blood with my lines .
Well I don't have much of a choice here in wv and I only know of two people that have quail and they are just jumbo coturnix , any ideas on what to do or other breeders?
Shipping isn't the best option, but I have done it twice with quail eggs. The first time I had a very successful hatch and the second time about a third of the eggs were cracked. Even so, I still got a few gamble quail and they're nearly impossible to find where I am. Its definitely a risk, but it may be worth it if you can't find them where you are and if there's a market for quail in your area; you may be able to make it back pretty quickly.
I ordered 50 from James Marie Farms. They're all in the incubator right now so I can't tell you yet what the hatch rate is, but not one was cracked. You may have to wait till the weather cools a bit though. He told me the fertility rate wasn't the best because of the heat and wasn't going to be sending any out for a couple more weeks.
Well I am not sure there is a market since no one seems to have any. But that also could be a good thing. I think I will email James Marie farms and see what they have available when shipping picks back up. Thank you for that advice.
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Well after getting an email back from James Marie farms today I think I will go with them . Thanks all for the advice
You won't be disappointed. The way they package eggs for the mail, you can drop them from the top of a building and they wouldn't be broken.

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