Thoughts on my run design?

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    Apr 11, 2016
    I'm finishing up a 10'x10' coop for 15 standard hens and 13 Bantams. I'm planning on making my run approx. 15'x15' for a 225sq. ft arrangement based on the 10sq. ft. per bird.

    I'm planning on basically making a fence using 4x4x8' treated posts for the corners and landscaping timbers in between. I've got plenty of 5ft. tall chain link fence for the perimeter. I plan on then going around the base of the fence with 2-3ft tall wire of some sort and zip tie it or wire it to the chain link. Can I get away with 1" chicken wire here since I will have the chain link in place or do I need something even smaller. I'm trying to keep it as cheap as possible but still effective. I'm also planning on laying a 2-3ft section of heavier duty wire around the perimeter on the ground to prevent digging. Also, I'm going to run a couple strands of electric fence to help stop coyotes etc. from getting even close to the fence. Lastly, I'll cover the top of the run with more chain link to keep anything from coming in above. Chickens will be locked in the coop at this is for daytime only predators which, even though we are covered up with coyotes/raccoons etc. they are normally bedded down during the day.


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