Thoughts on our sick hen?


Jun 3, 2021
Hey all,

We have a flock of six hens. One (roughly 3-4 months, has not laid any eggs) has become very ill over the last couple of days.

We separated her from the rest of the flock while we try to figure out what is going on.

Symptoms: Super lethargic, lays down for pretty much the whole day, when she's trying to move she is very unsteady (almost like she's had a few too many), breathing hard with a wheezing sound, and it appears that her legs are giving in on her. In laying down, her wings are spread out a bit almost as if she was too hot or balancing herself. Poor baby.

She seems to be eating and drinking at least a little bit, but she looks like she's not feeling great.

In reading through the wealth of knowledge here, I've given her an appropriate dose of Corid (in case of coccidiosis), of safeguard (in case of worms), and have been giving her some water, and some nutrient supplement. My understanding is that she was vaccinated for Mereks, based on a conversation that I had with the person that I got her from. She does seem to be a little better after a dose this morning, but generally looks icky. I've attached a photo of what she looks like when she is laying down, in case that might be helpful.

Any thoughts on anything else that I could do?


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What is the nutrient supplement you are giving and did you give that during the course of Corid?

What do you feed?
Photos of the poop?

Hard to know what's going on with her.
Check to make sure her crop is emptying overnight.
Any chance she ate something moldy or rotten?

Work on hydrating her. If you are done with the course of Corid, then give her 1/4 tablet B-Complex daily or a poultry vitamin like Poultry Cell.

It's possible she may be suffering from disease like Marek's even if vaccinated. The vaccine helps prevent formation of tumors but does not prevent infection from the virus.
Possible there's a developmental or genetic disorder too.

If you happen to lose her, then sending the body for necropsy will give you the most information.

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