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    Jul 14, 2011
    First off, let me say that if you buy xxx feed from xxx.. this is not for you... I would like the people who are making their own rations, and mixing their own feed to comment... thank you,

    We are in the process of creating our own newer ration. Previously, we've used a custom ration, but would like to fine tune tweek it some... I've been in conversation with a several folks on here via PM... and it's been interesting to me to see how their ideas and total rations vary. I've found rations ranging from nearly 30% CP down to as low as 16% CP; both from very well respected, successful breeders.

    I guess my main concern would be confined, cooped birds for breeding and hatching; more so than show birds, or egg layers or free rangers.

    Some questions for you?

    How many breeder birds?
    How long have you been in business?
    Do you coop mate, free range, or pen breed?
    What are your fertility rates, hatch rates, and survival rates on chicks?
    Would you share you thoughts on what needs to be in the ration, and what your ration is?

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    I mix my own feed but don't have any statistics to offer you. I have my recipe on my BYC page.

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