Three bantam hens and all of their stuff


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Feb 3, 2010
This listing is for three bantam hens (2 unrelated RIR hens and a BR hen, 2-3 years old), their custom coop, 40 pounds of feed, fencing, huge bag of bedding, carrier, a waterer, feeder, and practical advice for keeping chickens.
My landlord has stipulated that they need to live in the basement, but I would feel awful and they would never lay any eggs. Please do your research before investing in chickens as pets. Chickens are legal to keep in the City of Chicago, but not for slaughter, they need to go to a good pet home or farm only. Coop features a nest box, roost, sun porch, door to open out to a possible bottom run, and about 20 feet of plastic poultry fencing to construct a pen for them in your garden or yard. Also included optionally is a sheet of masonite to go under the coop if you want to keep it on a deck or porch. Coop measures roughly 4" x 4", but the sun porch folds up so it is about 2.25" x 3". Would probably need a van or large car to transport. Adoption requirements include your landlord's contact info, proof that you have done your research and know what sort of care these creatures require, and $250 for their supplies. Price reduced if a school or community garden group wishes to add them to their program. Chicken manure is great for gardens! I am very willing to help you get set up and started. 14 years of chicken experience, but I guess it was not meant to be at this point in life. My loss, your gain. Well over $500 in materials here. Email for pics or see the "About Me" section of my website at
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Apr 16, 2009
East Ky
I have been looking for Bantam RIR's for a long time. I would love to give these beautiful girls a home, but unfortunately Im too far away in Kentucky. Good luck finding them a home.

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