Three cheers for the PTA!

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    So I was at the PTA meeting this evening. The 4th grade teachers (one of whom is a friend of mine) did a presentation on how they incubate and hatch eggs for their embryology lesson.

    I mentioned I had a broody hen sitting on eggs right now, but I was worried she would quit because she is Polish (not known for their broodyness).

    She handed me the incubator she had on display! Got a loaner incubator to keep on hand in case my broody quits! Yay!

    Of course, she broke one of the 6 eggs under her today [​IMG] And I had to remove 4 non fertile eggs that her buddies laid in with her. Sigh.

    I still have 5 left. Only on day 5 though. I am less than hopeful.
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    Good hatching vibes for you! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I am sending good vibes your way as well! I think you will manage. [​IMG]

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