Three dead chickens, no predation

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    Jan 28, 2012
    In the past 3 weeks or so, we've found two dead chickens and a third completely disappeared (so far as we can tell). My guess is the third's unrelated (escape) or has gotten buried in the litter and hasn't been located.

    We're in Portland, so it hasn't been too cold. It's gotten below freezing, but not below 25. Both birds were found in the roost box, which is about 4X4, and there's 11 8 chickens in there, so they have plenty of room.

    I think, though I am not positive, that these were some of our younger birds, so I don't think it's old age. I didn't autopsy the birds, other than to note they hadn't been torn up by any predators.

    Are there any obvious causes of death I should think about that would lead to the other chickens? Bacteria, fungus, virus, etc?

    The flock has been incredibly unproductive for months, more than you would expect with the short days and cold. We are only getting an egg or two out of these girls, so I'm concerned there may be a disease in the flock. Anyone have any ideas to diagnose?

    They have an 8X25 run area in addition to their 8X11 coop, so crowding is not likely the cause.


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    I'd start with a bug check. Mites (and lice to a lesser degree) can cause your flock to be unthrifty and then suddenly drop dead of anemia. Check them soon and thoroughly. Mites can kill a flock in no time.
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    [​IMG] the other thing is I would not hesitate to take a stool sample if the girls mean anything to you and have it checked. The vet will cost you but will tell you exactly what going on very quickly and put you on the right path to health before it gets out of control. Portland is a very large city with a lot of resources available to you.

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