Three hatched and one is missing


May 21, 2021
I had a broody hen that I let sit on four eggs. Three were fertilized. When they were hatching I was checking on them every few hours and there were definitely three progressing normally. This is a first so I’m not 100% sure, but they all looked like they were hatching in the same manner. When I last checked them there was one dry one, one wet one and one still working it’s way out of the shell. I checked them in the morning and there were only two and no shells left. What could’ve happened to the third one???? I checked for snakes and there were none every time I looked.


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First pick up the broody hen. Then look around the coop for any openings or holes. Also look for eggshells
Yeah, I did all that. It wasn’t under her. There are no shells anywhere. There are no holes in coop and I dug all around in the shavings.

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