Three legged chicken

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    A salesman was driving down an old dirt contry road when he seen a Dust Devil coming up behind him. He speed up his vehicle and was now doing close to 75 mph and it still was gaining on him. As the Dust Devil passed it looked to be a Chicken running and then it made a hard right up a driveway. He brought his car to a stop and after regaining his composure he backed up and proceeded down the driveway that the chicken went down. After a little ways he noticed a house and on the porch sat an elderly couple. He told the old man that he couldn't believe his eyes, he was speeding along in his car and what appeared to him to be a chicken overtook him and turned down the drive. The salesman was amazed that they didn't even scoff at him for saying such a thing. He then asked if they ever seen anything like that before and without stopping his whittling the old man said yes, we see's it all the time. The salesman asked well what is it. The old man says its one of my chickens. The salesman says thats unbelivable. The old man states again that its one of his three legged chickens. Three legged chickens? said the salesman. The old man raised his head from his work and said YES a three legged chicken... The old man then goes on to say he is a retired geneticist and it is just his wife, junior and himself livin there on the farm and on Friday night when they have chicken they would fight over who gets a leg so he genetically engineered the three legged chicken. The salesman says thats great, you should be a millionaire. The old man ignored him and went back to whittling. The salesman then stated that with his skill in sales he could market the birds, many other families probably have the same concerns. Would you be interested in letting me market the birds for a percentage. The old man said yep without missing a beat from his task with the knife and wood in hand. The salesman then asked what they tasted like.......

    The old man raised his head and said "dunno aint never caught one"..................

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    [​IMG] LOL

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