Three new chicks and two 8-9 week old pullets


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Apr 22, 2012
San Antonio, Texas
Can my chicks that are currently two weeks old be put in the coop and run with my 8-9 week old pullets(2)? I live in south Texas and it is 90 in the daytime and 70's at night...I was thinking maybe at three weeks? Does anyone have any experience with do I add them in with the other two?
I've mixed different age groups before and it usually work out well. Just keep an eye on them for awhile. The older ones may bully the youngsters. I think they should sleep inside until they are a bit older though. 70's is a bit cold for chicks that young.
You can try. Just make sure to keep a close eye on them. I have my 8 week olds living 24/7 with my adult ducks and chickens and have for about a week and a half and they have been fine.
Thank you all...I will wait for two more weeks till they are 4 weeks old. Did anyone have to separate them? ?Or just put them in with the pullets?

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