Three roosters of questionable heritage, no birth certificates...


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May 9, 2011
We believe them to be part game chickens and part americauna complete with beards and ear tufts. All three are two feet tall. Two hens of the the same breeding. In the pen with 30+ red star pullets, black australorp pullets, and three rhodie reds. And two red star hens with one silver laced wyandotte hen, these three are egg laying machines.

The roots are a bit older than the pullets. And they are getting really agressive. I can put them in other small pens we used to raise pheasants in.

Finally to my question....cut thier upper beaks or isolate them? Or........???? NOT interested in using them for breeding....they are my Marine son's birds. Thus far he is NOT very happy with my suggestions.

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When you say aggressive, do you mean they're trying to attack you, or do you mean they're being rough with the hens? If they're attacking you I'd give them their own pen. If they're being rough with the pullets, I'd say maybe give them their own pen for a while and then try reintegrating them. Sometimes young roosters are rough with the ladies and then mellow out a bit as they get older. Three roosters to 30 hens should actually be a pretty good ratio.

Also, why do you think they're part game? Is it because they are being aggressive? Two feet tall is fairly large for a game rooster. Granted, I'm not sure how big Ameraucana roos get.
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They are aggressive with all of the pullets and adult hens. Head pecking. No serious injuries, yet.

They look like game chickens on steroids.

I will try to get pics of them. Or roast them.
Try separating them until the pullets are mature. If they continue their "bad boy" behavior-- into the crock pot with them. Roosters as large as you describe could potentially hurt the pullets.
Bought the pullets the first of March. The roots are a couple months least.

Agreed. Thanks.

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