Three runts... or something wrong?


11 Years
Apr 18, 2013
I have 3 chicks (two roos, one hen) that are tiny compared to any of my other chicks the same age. I bought them all on the same day, and all are within a day or two of each other according to the seller. However, I have one red hen, and two mixbreed roos that are staying tiny. The two roos are crowing (Its soooo cute!) and chest bumping (I think they are similar breed, just slightly different looking) and they are adorable, as is the hen. The roos are um... gettin' them some from Lil Red... So I don't think it is that they are sick or anything. I have given extra feed and water and made sure to keep the cage clean in case it was something causing them not to grow. However... they seem healthy and just are small. I can't put them in with anyone else, because they are so tiny. Should I be worried? Or did I just manage to get 3 runts out of 12 chicks I bought?

*edited to add: they are approx. 3 months old now
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I have one runt in my group of chicks who is much smaller than the rest, although they are the same age. She is with all the other chicks though and does fine with them even though she's smaller. I'm guessing it doesn't bother them since they have been raised together. If they are eating and seem healthy without any problems, I wouldn't worry. But is it possible they could be bantams?
The other two chicks were bantam cochins, and are still more than double the size of these three. I will get some pics and post them, showing the bantams and these guys. They were getting picked on, which is why the others have been moved into the bigger pen now. These three are having to stay separated. When the two roos crow... it doesn't sound normal. Not even like the younger bantam who is learning to crow.

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