Three Week Chick Suddenly Not Walking?


11 Years
Jun 4, 2009
North Topeka, KS
All of my chicks were fine last night when I watered them, but today, one of them can't stand up. I found him laying down with one of his wings spread out like he was sunbathing, but the angle looked wrong, so I picked him up and he just flopped back over. There were no signs last night and none of the others are showing signs. Any ideas what could have happened?

Edit: I just picked him up to remove him from the brooder and he feels very cold, but it's not cold in there (two heat lamps). I isolated him and put him on a heating pad.
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I'm sorry to hear this! See if you can get him warmed up and hydrated. I recommend just room-temperature water, maybe a tiny bit of sugar or electrolytes added if the chick is very weak. If he perks up at all let us know how he behaves.
Please let us know he looks bad overall, or if he looks perky but just can not stand, as they are very important differences in condition.
Well, he's dead now. He died while I was in town buying medication.

I never saw any droppings, so I can't comment on their appearance. Really, the only symptoms were that he wouldn't stand, laid there with his eyes closed, and was cold. That's it. It was extremely sudden as the last time I checked on the chicks was about 2am and everyone looked perfectly fine. Then he was in that condition this morning and dead by this afternoon. :/

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