Three week old chicks fighting

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    Mar 10, 2013
    I went into the brooder/cage and Honey (smallest of the three) had a red streak coming from the corner of her beak half way across her face. Total length: maybe 1 cm. I could still notice it when I walked in though. They have been finding their wings but they seem like they are tackling each other. Blondie (the biggest of the three and bossiest) has been picking on the other two. She flies on them and poofs up her feathers when I pay any attention to the other two. Is this anything to worry about? And if so, how do I fix it before "anything" gets worse?

    P.S. I did clean up the blood and haven't seen any other injures. [​IMG]

  2. What you described is not a big issue. Some clutches of chicks will get along fine and another clutch will fight each other like cats and dogs. This scrapping is temporary and once they settle the pecking order and decide who is the top chick, things will quickly settle down.

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