Throw it to the Next Player *GAME*


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6 Years
May 1, 2013
It's raining.
Hi there! A new game...that's always fun, hopefully

Anyway, here's the scoop. The "goal" is to tell a story, sort of. I'll start by saying,
"I have a raw egg and I throw it to the next player,"
the player replies by coming up with something to do with the egg,
"I catch the egg, stomp on it, and scramble it for the next player,"
then the next poster might say,
"I feed the eggs to my dog and toss him to the next player,"
etc. It's really fun if we stick to being imaginative.
Wanna give it a go?
I'll start.

I have a 50s record and I frisbee it to the next player.

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