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    Feb 12, 2008
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    Found it on the internet. It is suppose to help animals with fear issues and separtion anxitey. I resently got Hank, he is a retired breeder and is 5 or 6 years old. He was kept in a small pen with another dog,kept that way his whole life with the same dog. He has the worst separtion anxitey every. He has chewed his way out of a heavy wire create, chewed the door knob off the front door, then went thru the only ground floor window we have, the window was open he went thru the screen. We tried a special horamone (sp) collar we had him neturded, suggested by the vet, and have been working on me leaving him for a short time and returning and doing it agian and agian. Left him with DH the other day and after 15 minutes DH called and said come home NOW, you could hear Hank in the back ground howling it was horrible to hear. I can leave him in my 14 foot stock trailer and he is fine. Tell him go to your room amd he getts in and layes down, when I get back he doesn't bark just waits to be let out. I waited 13 years to get another boxer and am not wainting to give up on Hank. He is the best dog as long as I am around or he is in the trailer. Got an older dog so I didn't have to deal with the puppy things, to many older dogs needing a home, ect., ect. if you have any ideas PLEASE let me know or if you know about the Thundershrit let me know. Am waiting to hear back from vet about the Thundershirt.

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    I have had great success using the thundershirt for my corgi's EXTREME reaction to t-storms. She shook so hard, I was sure she would end up with muscle spasms (the shaking lasted as long as there was ANY trace of a storm) and she could not be consoled. I started using it this spring and, at first, the result was mild (she still shook, but not as hard and was at least content to lay by the door, not panting quite as hard), but as the summer as progressed (and we've had more than our average amount of t-storms), it has completely alleviated her anxiety. She now lays and SLEEPS contentedly on the couch during a storm. (I put the t-shirt on her at the grumble of one coming.)

    It says it can have similar results with other types of anxiety, but I have no direct experience. For the money, I'd say it would be worth a try.
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    Thundershirts are used at the Humane Society that I work for. They are really useful and do their intended job. We use them a lot on the unsocialized pitty and pitty-mixes we have in as well as other dogs, but just not as often. Not only do they provide comfort and pressure point stimulous but they also keep the short coated breeds more comofortable in the concrete runs. [​IMG]
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    Thanks both of y'all for your input. I like that the Thundershirt comes with a money back offer, they stand behind it. I will be ordering one soon. I just can't imagen how Hank feels or what he must go thru each time I try and leave him

    agian thanks for the help

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