Ticks on Goats... What are these? Id please...


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Aug 14, 2009
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Each year... about this time... all our goats break out in TICKS... and then after about 2 months... the Ticks dissapear... they are the size of about 1mm long... Its very hard to get a picture of them because they are soooo small... but Hope this help..

what are they and what can I use to treat my goats...

Lice. Goats can get 2 kinds - biting lice or sucking lice. We usually dust ours with sevin dust down the spine - make sure not to get the dust in the eyes or around the nose for them to breathe in...DE is good too. You need to clean out the bedding and dust the houses/treat the areas too.
There are several important aspects to treating lice infestation in animals:

1) Treat the infected host animals with an insecticide product to kill off the adult and nymph lice;

2) Retreat all of the treated animals again in 14 days to kill off the nymph lice stages that have freshly emerged from any eggs that were present;

3) Consider whether the environment or any infected fomites (lice-bearing yards, aviaries, beds, brushes, blankets and so on) need treating.

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