Time between pipping to hatchin?


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I had 2 incubators with 50 bob white quail eggs in the both, yesterday at 2 pm we noticed a little hole in one of the eggs. after 3 hours i chipped away a little shell and the membraine seems very thick and leathery, so i chipped away a bit more shell, around the pip hole, i cut the membraine a bit figuring the bird could get some oxygen but saw a little drop of blood, so i immediately stopped and returned him to the incubator, i think the membraine must have had a blood vessle still in it, now it is 7 in the am, oh ya i did this this morning like right now. but i have no other eggs pipping, only the one at 2 yesterday and so its been 13 hours since it pipped, there have been no other pipped eggs.

the eggs went into the incubators on the 4th and today is the 27th, today is day 23.

do you guys think that bird was just early?
i hope i didnt hurt him, this is my first time hatching quail and im all freaked out! its like having a bab?.
Day 1 starts 24 hours after you first put them in the bator, but i get confused on that so someone that has more knowledge will be able to help, and it can take 24 hours for them to hatch so be patient, I know its hard I did my first hatch 4 weeks ago on coturnix and was annoyed they didnt when I thought they should be
but I ended up being early and had 16 babies in less then 12 hours once I calmed down lol Dont help them unless they have been struggling for awhile. They will be ok
Hi, Bing is right in IMHO, Today is your hatch day if all goes as it should. But alot of things can rush or stall a hatch. Bobs, I find, seem to drag there feet sometimes between pip and zip.The tiny cracks in the shell tell you there on the way and may come 2 days before hatch. Now I dont worry about these at all. Its the ones that have a nice hole where you can see a bit of beak and the membrane is torn, and then stop, that ya need to watch. These are the ones that tend to "shrink wrap" and die. The problem is made worse every time you open the bator and cause the humidity to drop... You saw blood and that means the chick was not quite ready. So take your position in a chair right beside your bator. Get your brooder fired up and warm. A little feed sprinkled on the floor. And put on your oven mitts so you cant open the bator till you see a dry chick! Chances are there will be several with in a few hrs of each other!!! Good luck with your bob hatch. Bill
i posted another question, what if hes been there for 28 hrs, just leave him or should i help hes moving but hes still curled up and hes through thesack too so he can breath, like 5 others pipped today so im keeping an eye and hoping they all hatch good

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