time between squatting and egg arrival?

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    Jun 13, 2010
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    Stats on my birds:

    Name Hatch Date Squat Age Age 1st Egg Breed Age as of 11/28

    Cabo 4/28 26 wk, 4 days 27 wk, 2 days Orp x Del 30 wk, 4 days
    Sassy 5/1 25 wk, 1 day 26 wk, 2 days Orp x Del 30 wk, 1 day
    Verde 5/1 26 wk NONE YET Orp x EE 30 wk, 1 day
    Flower 5/19 26 wk, 1 day NONE YET Orp x EE 27 wk, 4 days
    Chuck 5/19 NO SQUAT NONE YET Orp x EE 27 wk, 4 days
    Meringue 5/19 26 wk, 6 days NONE YET Orp x EE 27 wk, 4 days

    As it is, I get 0-2 eggs per day, supplement with light, absolutely sure there are no hidden nests. There is some interest in the nest boxes by Flower and Chuck. Only Chuck's comb/wattle is not fully developed but is progressively getting there. I know hens develop on their own time schedule. I just think it is odd that I have one that has been squatting for 4 weeks now and no eggs...

    I have read average time between squat and egg is about 1 maybe 2 weeks, but 4 weeks??!! Come on.....
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    Sep 15, 2010
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    Our RIR and BOs were hand me down hens, so I only have two that I have experience with. Martha Stewart (EE) laid at 30 1/2 weeks and started squatting about two weeks before that. Her sis, Georgia O'Keefe, started squatting a week after her and laid three weeks after her, so she took 4 weeks from squat to egg. Georgia's comb still isn't as bright red as any of the layers but is very obviously giving us an aqua egg a day just like her sis! But Georgia is the squattingous thing, I can say hello to her through the mesh and she squats. [​IMG] I wish you the best when it comes to egg shade! I really lucked out and feel that the wait was definitely worth it. [​IMG] Of course their awesome personalities are a big bonus as well. They had a great disposition before they started to mature and then when they started laying they went back to being cuddly & friendly. I guess that is due to a normal adolescent/teenage phase. Wish our fully grown RIR/BO hens were as productive as our friendly little EE pullets!

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