Time for lights out......


10 Years
Aug 31, 2009
My Silkies are 6 weeks old and in a brooder . We are currently working on their coop . This will now be the 2nd week where temps are maintained at 75 degrees day and night under white brooder light (250 watt). I maintain them in our closed attached garage until coop is completed and ready for them. I know the instructions had me decrease each week 5 degrees and instructions stopped at 75 degrees. Should I just use it (6pm to 6am) at this stage of development? Please keep in mind though the garage has 2 windows ,one on each side.The cardboard brooder box is not lit enough when the light is moved off of the brooder for chick and box upkeep . We live in the tropics humidity is high . Day temps low to mid 80's night 60,s. I have watched the thermostat go below 73 degrees at night and moved light around to accomodate ,leaving a small shade for whoever wanted it. This month ,this time last year got a wee chilly for humans ,not much but we did throw a light blanket on the bed. I open one window 10am for them and close it when dampness settles in 6pm. The chicks seem good and happy, they huddle at times and at times spread their self on the floor like a lazy pack of dogs. I monitor temps and shade ratio every couple of hours . Pat, if you are online what is your insight on this concern? I welcome everyones input!
I vote for lights out. It is time. You can start by only using it at night and then do away with that too. However, I would find a way to provide them with some form of light (not for heat, just for light). Maybe put a table lamp on the floor near their brooder so they aren't in the dark.
I put a 40w colored bulb (you can buy "party" bulbs at walmart) in my lamp when I'm ready for them not to have any heat. It gives a small bit of red or blue light so they don't freak about suddenly being in the dark. By the time I turn it off they don't notice.

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