Time in Time out of Coop and Predators


8 Years
Sep 14, 2011
San Francisco Bay Area
With the long days, my chickens have been spending their evenings until 7:30pm or 8pm out in the chicken yard. And then they start making noise (too much noise for the neighbors I fear) around 5:45am, so I let them out.

Someone told me I shouldn't let them out that early because of foxes. I don't even know if we have foxes around here (SF East Bay). Just want to make sure I'm not putting chickens in harms way just to keep their screaming down in the mornings. Clearly they're the bosses around here.


In the Brooder
8 Years
May 16, 2011
Mine ask to go out early as well. I ignored my loud hen for a few days and she did stop after awhile. I try to keep them on a routine and let them out around 730 am. I do have a run for them that is completely predetor proof and sometimes I leave their door open all night if its hot out, but the fox can't get to them and they can help themselves in and out that way. If they go out free they have to wait until at least 730 :)

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