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    May 14, 2008
    eggs went into the incubator 7pm on Friday, June 6 th. This would be day 0, day one was marked on Saturday, June 7, 2008 at 7pm. That would be the end of day one (7pm Saturday the 7th)? So at 7pm on Tuesday, June 24th it will mark the end of day 18? do I take the egg turner out at that point or the day before? or the day after? Is it at the start or end of day 18?? am I right in my counting of days? Been relatively ok after my intial day 1 fears, now it's close to hatching time and I'm a bit anxious. 25 eggs left that look potentially viable throug thier dark shells. Thanks much, Keystonepaul
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    Quote:You take the eggs out of the turner tomorrow which is your day 18....you can candle if you wish and make sure you up the humidity around 60 to 70% range...Have patience for them to hatch out on their own!!...It can take 24 hours or longer from when they pip the egg to zipping out...No opening the bator!!...

    Also a reminder that your temps and humidity will go down when the turner is taken out but should return to normal in a few hours...don't adjust the temps they come back on their own...
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    Ditto what Tuff said, tonight is the night to stop turning the eggs and up the humidity. Now the stress really begins...so be strong, leave that lid closed after tonight and best of luck with your hatch.

    Be sure to keep us updated and post some pics when you have some action!! My hatch finished two days ago and I am in withdrawal....must...have...pics! [​IMG]

    Happy hatching!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Donna [​IMG]

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