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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by thegreypony, Mar 25, 2009.

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    Our 4-5 wk old birds are just too big for the brooder and I am not building another. We've split the 9 into 6 biggies and left the 3 smaller ones together. I really want to get them into our coop/hen house this weekend. I'm not worried about drafts, temp, security...I got that covered as best as possible. My concern is the damp. We've traded the drought of 2 years ago for a mini-monsoon season and while the floor of the house stays dry, I'm just concerned that the damp, cool humid air will be bad for the babies. Thoughts on this? By this Saturday they're going to be the size of Velociraptors (ok not really) and I really would like to get them out and able to have more space.

    Please advise the new kid on the block. TIA [​IMG]
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    As long as the interior of the coop is dry, I would not think the dampness of the outside weather will effect the chicks. At least, I've never seen anything in the literature on that, just on minimum temperature. If your chickens are too big for their brooder, it will get damp and messy in there anyway.
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    Hi, here is my input. First of all where are you located? Better yet what is the average temperature where you are at? From what I have seen if they are fully feathered and it isn't freezing outside you should not have too much of a problem with them being okay. They will usually huddle close together if they are in need of heat. I sure hope this helps because that is all I have to give you.
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    Piedmont of NC - mid to upper 30s this week. The heat lamp will be out there...I'm probably paranoid about the dampness but I tend to always think it's cold...
    I could wait until better weather but I just feel like they're crowded. Hubby says I worry too much...
  5. can you hear me now?

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    Jun 18, 2008
    Southwest Missouri
    Well like i said if they are fully feathered they will be just fine. If not and you have a heat lamp they will probably just stay by the lamp, usually they aren't feathered completely till about 8 weeks old. My advise is that if they aren't feathered completely to keep them inside until they are.
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    Lots of people would not only move them out, they do not brood them in the house at all. Mine went out at 3 weeks; would have put them out sooner but the coop wasn't finished. They have a heat lamp at night. They seem to enjoy the extra space very much.
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    Quote:And I'm one of those people. My chicks did just fine in a draft free shed from the day I received them. They did have heat lamps. I received them in early April, our rainy season.
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    I've taken them out in the x-pen and they loved having the extra space to fly around and be chickens. They're cramped and they are stinky - call Mayflower and buy the packing materials - time to move. [​IMG]

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